GTER 2022 will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists, experts to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of Earth sciences. The focus of the conference will be subjects dealing with issues of contemporary scientific and technological advances related to the Earth resources and Geo-spatial technologies.

Vietnam has been known as a country with a wide range of natural resources, their extraction and environmental protection, which have been undertaking seriously by the Government of Vietnam. The theme of the conference is "Geo-spatial technologies and Earth resources", believed to be of common interest both to Vietnam and other countries in the world.

- All accepted papers will be included in 2 books published by SPRINGER publisher.
- Besides, several papers will be sellected to publish in the journal which indexed in Web of Scicence and Scopus dadabase.
- All books and journal will be online before 15th September, 2022.


* Advances in Geospatial technologies in Mining and Earth Sciences
- Advanced technologies for mine and civil surveying
- Risk identification, assessment and management in mining projects
- Effects of mining activities and processing of mineral resources on environment
- UAV/ drone, terrestrial laser scanning, LIDAR, GNSS, mobile GIS, and internet mapping technologies for mine surveying, civil engineering, deformation monitoring, and natural hazards
- Data mining, soft computing, and decision support systems for environmental problems
- Environmental risk assessment and management
- Other related issues 

* Innovations for Sustainable and Responsible Mining
- Mining technology and technique
- Drilling and blasting engineering
- Tunneling and Geotechnical applications
- Mine management and economy
- Environmental risk assessment and management
- Environmental processing technology
- Transparency and accountability
- Mine occupational safety and health
- Mining disaster and risks prevention
- Environmental safety and occupational health
- Other related issues

* Geological, Hydrogeological, Environmental Systems and Earth Sciences
- Engineering Geology - Geotechniques
- Hydrogeology and Water Resources
- Regional Geology and Tectonics
- Prospecting and Exploration Geology

- Water Sciences and Technologies: Water and wastewater treatment technology, Water supply and drainage system

- Cutting edges of GIS and RS Technologies in Natural Hazard, Disaster Risks, Monitoring and Management for Environmental Systems 
- Other related issues


- The deadline of the abstracts submission: 31/01/2022
- Notification of the result for submissions that will be selected for the planed book: 15/2/2022
Full paper submission: 15/3/2022
- Return comments for authors: 30/4/2022
Final full paper Re-submission: 15/5/2022
- Send the ready papers to SPRINGER: 15/6/2022
- Conferences: 13-14/10/2022


Free of charge is applied to all participants.

* International Society for Mine Surveying (ISM).
* Vietnam Mining Science and Technology Association (VMST).
* Vietnam Association of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (VGCR).
* Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (VINACOMIN).
* Dong Bac Corporation (NECO).





Department of Mine Surveying, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology