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The abstract should contain purpose, methodology, findings, originality and practical value of the article.

Purpose: The main objective of this article is to propose an approach that can be applied efficiently in the selection of the coordinate system used in hydroelectric construction in Viet Nam.

Methodology: The efficiency of the proposed approach is first demonstrated by comparing the relative reduction of distances between the Gauss-Krüger and 3-degree and 6-degree UTM projections. It is then proved with an experiment at a hydroelectric power in Viet Nam by comparing the reductions of distances estimated from the proposed approach and those computed from using the VN-2000 coordinate system that is frequently applied.

Findings: The experimental results indicated that the proposed approach is more efficient in establishing the geodetic horizontal network in hydroelectric construction in Viet Nam with much smaller distortion in the geometrical size and shape of the network.

Originality: To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this article is the first study on the selection of the geodetic horizontal network in hydroelectric power construction in Viet Nam based on the average height and the longitude of the center of the construction area.

Practical value: The approach proposed in this article can be applied easily and efficiently in practical applications of hydroelectric power construction in Viet Nam, particularly with the areas with high altitude w.r.t the ellipsoid as well as the areas located far away from the central meridians of the Viet Nam’s VN-2000 reference system.




Department of Mine Surveying, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology